Fighter Wing Week May 9th - May 16th, 2018

 It's time to sign up for your FREE beach vacation in the city of Orange Beach, Alabama!

It's time to sign up for your FREE beach vacation in the city of Orange Beach, Alabama!

Question: What are the specific dates of the proposed Operation ReConnect Trip?
Answer: Wednesday, May 9th – Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Question: What if my family can’t stay the whole week, we may need to come late
or leave early?
Answer: This is YOUR time. All properties are reserved for 7-nights. You may
come and go based on your schedule. Arrivals (check-in) after 6PM CST will be
handled on a case-by-case basis and arranged to provide the easiest method
possible for your family.

Question: What is the cost to our family for this Trip?
Answer: The accommodations are absolutely FREE. Also, there are no
housekeeping fees, property fees (to include parking passes) or taxes that you
will be responsible for.

Question: Does Operation ReConnect cover travel costs?
Answer: No, travel (personal vehicle or airline travel) is not paid for or
reimbursed by Operation ReConnect.

Question: Are meals included for the entire week?
Answer: No. However, you may receive gift certificates or discounted meals from
local restaurants. Furthermore, your property is equipped with a full kitchen
setup (Refrigerator, stove, microwave and dishes) to allow for purchase of
groceries, storage and preparation. Also, grocery stores such as Wal-Mart, Publix
and Dollar General are all in close proximity.

Question: Are guests allowed on this trip?
Answer: Yes, you are authorized to bring ANYONE you would like that supported
the military member while deployed. The only criteria that must be followed is
not to exceed the allowed occupancy of a property. That information will be
provided to you on your Itinerary.

Question: Are pets allowed?
Answer: No, pets are not allowed. Unfortunately, all Condominium Homeowners
Associations have strict rules that forbid guests from having any pet on property.
If you have special needs with a service animal, please contact us directly as we
may have a home that can accommodate a pet. These properties are EXTREMELY
limited and will be available on a first come, first serve basis.


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