Do you own coastal property? Have you been looking for a way to act upon your desire to Support Our Troops? Look no further, Operation ReConnect was formed to establish a safe, secure way of providing your VACANT beach property directly to those who deserve it. 

No Demands, No Hassles. Operation ReConnect takes pride on the simplicity of our Program. As the Owner, it your choice of when and how long to provide Operation ReConnect with the use of your property. Typically, we like to maintain a 7-day minimum stay spanning from a Saturday to a Saturday. This time period ensures that Combat Veterans and their Family have appropriate time together and do not feel rushed. Furthermore; the majority (greater than 95%) of Veterans are traveling from outside of the local area, some as far as 1,200 miles. 

Is your property in the care of a local property management company? Fantastic, we work with both private owners and rental management companies seamlessly. Operation ReConnect is not in the property management business or real estate sales, thus eliminating a conflict-of-interest with local businesses. We take pride in our ability to work alongside ALL businesses within a local community and encourage everyone to participate in supporting our Mission.