Introducing… ‘THE DEPLOYER’

Our 2019 Special Project - Jeep Giveaway to support The Mission of Operation ReConnect.

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Video created and produced by Rough Country

Team Operation ReConnect is proud to introduce to you, our 2019 Special Project - ‘The Deployer’. This fully-customized, hand-painted 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK Rubicon is nothing like you have ever seen!

‘The Deployer’ represents the rugged, yet professional acumen our men and women in uniform dutifully adhere here to every single day. Fully outfitted with Rough Country parts (including lift kit, front & rear bumper, Vertex shocks, Series 93 wheels, lighting accessories including a 50” light bar) these American-made parts provide an unmatched Jeep ride.

Many parts will never been seen but you can’t miss the one-of-a-kind reverse-hinged hood, the ETCHED side rear window, or the hand-painted artwork including the black and white American Flag draped over the hood or unique inner-fender artwork representing each branch of the military. Don’t worry - we did include the U.S. Coast Guard - on the tailgate. “Coasties in the rear guarding the …. (internal military joke :) ”

OFFICIAL SPONSORS of ‘The Deployer’ - our 2019 Special Project

Additional parts such as the custom Operation ReConnect trailer hitch cover (1st Amendment Hitch Covers) and specialty-made glass (Alabama Glass Works, Inc) were DONATED by more than PATRIOTIC business owners. If you are able, please support their businesses as they, without a doubt, support those who serve.

Legal Information

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Official Rules: 2019 Operation ReConnect – ‘The Deployer’ Official Rules: Operation ReConnect (OPRC), a Florida nonprofit corporation and tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, is conducting ‘The Deployer’ Raffle (the “Raffle”) to raise funds for its ongoing charitable activities and purposes. The rules (the “Rules”) of the Raffle, set forth below, govern the Raffle, award of prizes, and participation in the Raffle. These Rules bind every person (a “Ticket Holder”) who buys or holds a Raffle ticket. By purchasing or holding a ticket, each Ticket Holder agrees (a) to be bound by these Rules and (b) that Operation ReConnect’s interpretation and application of these Rules is conclusive and final.

The Grand Prize Drawing for the Raffle will take place on November 11th, 2019 (the “Grand Prize Drawing Date”). The final ticket purchase deadline for entry is November 11th, 2019 (the “Final Ticket Purchase Deadline”). All drawings are open to the public, but the winner need not be present to win.

Tickets. Raffle ticket cost is $20 for one entry, or ten (10) entries for $100 or fifty (50) entries for $500. Only one Eligible Ticket Purchaser (as defined below in the “Eligibility” section of these Rules) may purchase a ticket. This means, (a) one name per ticket and (b) one purchaser per ticket. An Eligible Ticket Purchaser may designate another person a Ticket Holder. If a ticket names more than one person as a Ticket Holder and that ticket is a winning ticket, then OPRC will (a) deem the person named first on the ticket as the Ticket Holder, (b) declare the first person named on the ticket as the winner, and (c) award the prize to the first person named on the ticket. In such case, the division of the prize shall be the sole responsibility of the first person named on the ticket. Once OPRC awards the prize to the first person named on a ticket, OPRC will have no further duties or obligations with respect to the division of the prize and all persons named on a ticket as Ticket Holders release OPRC from all claims relating to the award of the prize or its division among other persons on a ticket named as Ticket Holders. The IRS has taken the position that amounts paid for chances in Raffles, lotteries or similar drawings for valuable prizes are not gifts and therefore do not qualify as deductible charitable contributions.

Eligibility To be eligible to purchase a ticket, a ticket purchaser (an “Eligible Ticket Purchaser”) must (a) be at least 18 years old at the time of purchase, (b) be a U.S. resident physically residing in the United States or District of Columbia, and (c) not be precluded by Applicable Law (as that term is defined in the “Registration with the State of Florida and Applicable Law” section of these Rules”) from holding or purchasing a ticket or participating in a raffle.

If a ticket is purchased by an Eligible Ticket Purchaser who designates another person as the Ticket Holder, then that person must (a) be at least 18 years old at the time of purchase, (b) be a U.S. resident physically residing in the United States or District of Columbia, and (c) not be precluded by Applicable Law (as that term is defined in the “Registration with the State of Florida and Applicable Law” section of these Rules”) from holding or purchasing a ticket or participating in a raffle. OPRC employees may not purchase a ticket and are not eligible to win a prize. In addition, OPRC board members may not purchase tickets. A person cannot be an Eligible Ticket Purchaser or a Ticket Holder if such person or holder is a person (a) with whom U.S. persons or entities are restricted from doing business under regulations of the Office of Foreign Asset Control of the Department of the Treasury (including those named on OFAC’s Specially Designated and Blocked Persons List”) or under any statute or executive order or (b) who is acting, directly or indirectly, for or on behalf of any such person. chase a ticket and are not eligible to win a prize. OPRC reserves the right to require reasonable evidence of the eligibility of an Eligible Ticket Purchaser or Ticket Holder at any time and to void any ticket sold to a person who does not meet the eligibility requirements or who is precluded by applicable law from holding a ticket or participating in a raffle.

How to Purchase Tickets Eligible Ticket Purchasers may purchase Raffle tickets online at or in person from an Operation ReConnect Official Representative at The Flora-Bama Lounge, Package & Oyster Bar located at 17401 Perdido Key Drive, Pensacola, Florida 32507. No purchase or contribution necessary. At the time of purchase, Eligible Ticket Purchasers must provide their name, address, phone number, email address, credit card number, credit card security code and expiration date, and such other information as OPRC may require. Eligible Ticket Purchasers may also purchase tickets by mailing Operation ReConnect, P.O. Box 701 Gulf Shores, AL 36547. Eligible Ticket Purchasers may not purchase tickets by email or voice mail. All entries must include payment by cash, check, money order, or credit card.

Tickets will be distributed and ticket numbers will be assigned in the order that payment is received. All payments will be deposited upon receipt. OPRC reserves the right to reject any entry form that it deems defective, illegible, ineligible, or submitted without “good funds.” OPRC will email unofficial raffle tickets as receipts for ticket purchases to the Ticket Purchaser within one (1) week of purchase. To win a prize, Ticket Holders do not need (a) to possess a hard copy of a Raffle ticket or a receipt in order to win and (b) do not need to be present at a drawing. All Raffle ticket sales are final. OPRC will make no refunds.

The Drawings For all drawings, OPRC will draw at random and determine winning ticket under the supervision of independent third-parties. Drawings will be held on or before November 11th, 2019 at 8:00p.m. CST. The drawing location will be at The Flora-Bama Lounge, Package & Oyster Bar – 17401 Perdido Key Drive, Pensacola, FL 32507. Drawing is open to the public, but winners need not be present to win.

At the discretion of OPRC, the Raffle may be extended or modify ticket purchase deadlines (the Final Ticket Purchase Deadline) and drawing dates, times, and locations. Modifications to drawing date, time or location will be publicly available no less than 12 hours prior to actual drawing.

Vehicle Prize:  The funds for The Deployer Raffle were provided by the Official Sponsors. Vehicle will come as described on “Specifications” located on Winner is also solely responsible for any and all state or local license, title, registration, taxes, or fees associated with the vehicle, as well as insurance (proof of which must be shown prior to delivery) and pickup or delivery costs at the dealership as well as any non-standard options chosen by the winner and negotiated with the dealership. W-K Chrysler Dodge Ram Jeep is the “Dealership” of record.

Rules Applicable to All Ticket Buyers and All Prizewinners OPRC will make reasonable efforts to contact prizewinners using information provided on the winning entry form. If a prizewinner does not contact OPRC within 30 business days after the first initial contact notifying the prizewinner of their winnings, then OPRC shall give notice to such prizewinner by U.S. Postal Service certified mail, return receipt requested, at the address set forth in the information provided by the Eligible Ticket Purchaser. This notice shall state (a) the prize won, (b) a telephone number of a contact person at OPRC, (c) the time and location where the prize can be claimed, and (d) that if the prize has not been claimed within 30 days of the date the notification is given, that OPRC may, at its option, retain the prize. OPRC will not award a prize if the prizewinner (a) was ineligible to purchase a ticket or otherwise enter the Raffle, (b) provided materially false or misleading information to OPRC in connection with the purchase of a raffle ticket, or (c) if participating in this Raffle or receiving a prize is prohibited with respect to such person pursuant to these Rules or Applicable Law. After 30 days, OPRC reserves the right to draw another Official Ticket to be the winner. A Ticket Holder cannot assign or transfer his/her interest in a Raffle ticket or a prize won by a winning Raffle ticket. Winners of a Raffle prize authorize OPRC to withhold all required amounts and report the award of Raffle prizes in accordance with Applicable Law. For cash prizes of $5,000 or more, OPRC will (a) withhold and remit all sums OPRC is required to withhold in accordance with Applicable Law and (b) remit the balance of the cash prizes to the winners.