Our team and community partners provided this family with the opportunity to “ReConnect”; they provided us affirmation that our Mission is worth every trial and tribulation incurred to make it so seamless. ~Authorized release approved from service-member

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“Hello, My name is TSgt Kenneth Campbell and for 7 months of this year I was deployed to Afghanistan. While over there I had learned of Operation ReConnect and after I had returned home, my family and I decided that we would travel to Alabama for vacation. “
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"Hello, My name is TSgt Kenneth Campbell and for 7 months of this year I was deployed to Afghanistan. While over there I had learned of Operation ReConnect and after I had returned home, my family and I decided that we would travel to Alabama for vacation. Through the partnership between Operation ReConnect and Meyer Vacation Rentals, they provided us a three bedroom condo in Orange Beach, right on the ocean! When we arrived we had no idea what awaited us. When we drove up to the office the sign said, "Welcome Campbell family thank you for your service" we thought that was very nice. We then preceded to walk up to the office and open the door, let me tell you we had no idea what was awaiting us! The entire staff was lined up applauding us as we walked in and there was a huge welcome home sign across the front desk. We then received a basket of goodies and two gift cards. I can not even begin to tell you how we felt, all we could do was cry. 

In my 28 years of service I have never felt so appreciated by a staff then I did that day. Thank you so much Operation ReConnect for honoring my family and allowing us to come and have this amazing vacation. We are truly are grateful to you all." - Sincerely T Sgt Kenneth Campbell, USAFR


Operation ReConnect had the distinct honor and pleasure of hosting The Nixon Family in Gulf Shores, AL during the first week of May. This opportunity was afforded to the Family directly from a private condominium owner. We couldn't be more joyful about the testimonial we received from the Family:

"My family and I can't say enough "Thank you's" to Operation Reconnect and the owner of the beach condo that we were able to stay in. Due to a high mission rate and limited staffing, it has been a long while since my family has been able to go on a vacation. Fortunately, we were selected by Operation Reconnect for an opportunity we couldn't say no to. We were generously gifted with a condo in Gulf Shores to stay for a week. For the first time in a long time, we were able to forget about everything and just relax. It was AMAZING. Being able to relax with my family, in arguably my favorite place in the world and be able to do so without the burden or stress of having to pay for a place to stay was a major blessing to us. We needed this trip, and needed it more than I ever imagined. With the stress of day to day life, and another deployment coming very soon, this trip couldn’t have come a better time. I've been told by many that I've "earned" this trip, but the thing about it is that I don't feel like I've earned anything. In my mind, I'm just a guy doing a job plus adding in all the blessings we received from and including our trip...I just don't see it. However, I'm extremely grateful. So to everyone that this trip possible, from the bottom of my heart, I say THANK YOU." - Sincerely, MSgt Nixon, USAF


“Thank you Operation Reconnect and everyone involved. My family and I were able to spend some much needed quality family time together. Words cannot begin to explain how great it was to have been given the gift of time to be spent with loved ones. Not just with my immediate family but also with two other families that are just as much family. Two of my brothers that I have deployed with in the past and the wives and kids have always been close too. We have not seen each other in six years until Operation Reconnect made it possible to reunite us all. Thank you from all of us. We had a blast.” – Sincerely SSGT USAFR Stanley


"I wanted to express my gratitude for the gift of "time" given to us by Ryan and the whole team at Operation ReConnect, as that gift has made a huge impact in our lives. As well, special thanks to the generous owners of the beach condo at The Caribe, the Flora-Bama for providing a romantic dinner at their Yacht Club restaurant. This gift came at a time when we needed it most. By stroke of luck, one of my childhood friends from Louisiana and a Veteran himself, met Ryan in Orange Beach while on vacation and sent a request to me about the Facebook site for Operation ReConnect. I viewed the FB page and was amazed that there was actually an organization local to us in Alabama who provided the gift of reconnection time. It provided us something to look forward to in an otherwise chaotic world. Vacation normally consists of swapping babysitting nights for alone time at home and those are few and far between. With the constant strain, there is little left for "US" time. Operation ReConnect gave Carter and I the "US" time we needed and allowed us to enjoy the connection we have always had without worries. We felt as though we were in a dream when we arrived at the Caribe and opened the door to our eighth floor, two bedroom condo that overlooked the beach and sound side of the Gulf of Mexico. My husband was able to have peace on the balcony and his creative writing flowed and was very much needed. The days prior to our trip were very hard but the days of our trip and those that followed have unified us to walk through any battle hand in hand. Thank you OPERATION RECONNECT for making us feel special and giving us time to drift away in our own private "boat" for a few days. Mostly though, thank you for reminding my husband that this wasn't a FREE trip because he paid for this many times over in the bravery he bestowed on our country and the willingness to die for the preservation of the American Spirit... the same bravery you and all your team members posses as well. I suggest everyone who has the opportunity.... take it and recharge from battle weary to battle ready!"  - Sincerely Ms. Stelling