We make giving easy.
No guilt. No pressure. Guaranteed.

Did you know you can make a donation to Operation ReConnect that WON’T COST YOU a single cent???


You Choose. Amazon Donates!

Easiest way to give to your favorite organization

Using Amazon Smile in-place of your standard online Amazon shopping, will allow you to select a Verified Organization that AMAZON will make an automatic donation (typically 0.5%) based on your purchase price. That right, you can help without adding to your bill at checkout!

Monetary Giving

Operation ReConnect appreciates every single dollar given. We established as a 501(c)3 not only to provide tax advantages but as a way to provide accountability for every cent vested to us.

Through gracious donations by owners and vacation management groups, the expense of the beach place itself is typically free for us. But the expense of fees incurred by donors like cleaning fees, can add up quickly. Many of these donors are providing multiple offerings and we want to make sure they see the appreciation for their kindness. Additionally, we really like to make sure that no financial burden prevents a family from coming to the beach. If that means gas cards, gift certificates for necessities or picking up meals we want to make sure we place no undo hardship on anyone who provides us freedom. 

Your donation goes to covering the cost of ensuring a family is truly free to enjoy their stay. 


Community & Corporate Partnerships Welcomed

All business owners , organizations and foundations are encouraged to donate in a way that works best for them. As with all non-profit organizations, direct financial contributions are the core in achieving Mission Success. Coupons, discounts, and complimentary services are all welcomed. Participation by local and national businesses alike, can help add memories and enjoyment to a ReConnect Trip. Truly a great way to Support those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Property Vacancies

Through generous donations of property, it's you that opens the gateway to what we are all about. 

If you own property that you would like to donate to a Combat Veteran and their family for a 7-Day period or longer, please contact us. Currently, we have Operations established along the beautiful beaches of Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama; however, we will evaluate any opportunity to provide as many ReConnect experiences as possible.

We work closely with leasing groups, realty companies and private owners through real estate staff volunteers that know how to make this work. We know that adding any complication or time to dealing with your real estate can be more than a hassle, it can be expensive. Each donor is met with to ensure details of how we schedule and care for your property are laid out clear and without pressure. 

Depending on property financial structure, there are opportunities to gain tax deductions through your generous offering. 



Operation ReConnect is a solid organization in design but that doesn't mean closed minded to those with ideas. Many of us have worked for groups that either were too structured or not enough. Both are wrought with troubles. We have the structure to provide you with a platform for YOUR ideas to develop and grow. 

If you have a group to network with, we are always open to discussing ways to work together. Interested in helping with marketing, technology, real estate, administration? Bring it.